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Fidelity Vacation Homes is a company specialized in management of vacation homes in Orlando.

Basically, there are two administration modalides. The adminisntração whose enjoyment combines lease and own use and own enjoyment without lease. Even if your intention is not to rent your home, when you're not using it, you need a company you can trust, who speaks your language and guide you in legal, tax and maintenance procedures at your place here in the US. Why Fidelity? Fidelity Vacation Homes aims to manage the administration of your holiday homes transparently vizando maximize profitability owner in the Marketplace rental in Orlando. Our commitment to our customer is the focus of our business. Hence the name and concept of our company: Holiday House with Fidelity. Fidelity Commercial, Administrative, Management, Operational and Financial. These are non-negotiable moral conduct values ​​in our company and among our staff. Our results have in respaudado before current owners because we believe that managing a vacation home is a task that involves generating rental revenue (when such administration mode so allows) and give the owner the peace of mind that your holiday home in Orlando is being run by a serious company, reputable and supervise its heritage with fairness, excellence and respect. Description of services to the owner At Fidelity, there are three main pillars of administration. Marketing - Sales, Operational and Administrative - Financial and Marketing Sales Our team is highly specialized for rent in Orlando and is focused on generating and managing alguéis placed on your property. These activities include strategic planning care in marketing, strategic business partnerships in the tourism market, successful online presence, constant research seeking tariff market competitiveness, risk management implementation on location, etc. Your home is a "single product" presented to individually market. Therefore, our main recommendation to the owner is: invest in appearance (decor and layette) and maintenance of your home. This concern or lack of it potentially contributes directly to income for the business performance of home in the rental market. The consumer will always prefer renting a nice house, clean, fully functioning and therefore be willing to pay a fair price for lease . Operating The operation involves the deployment of our effective field that takes care of inventory, trousseau and maintenance of your home. Every lease, our team will check the inventory and conditions left by guests. This is a detailed and thorough operation that allows the company to monitor and run various services. Fidelity has a wide network of service providers that are triggered as needed. Administrative Financial Fidelity believes that your vacation home should only be presented to the consumer market after obtaining operating licenses from government agencies that regulate the operation of location in the city and also duly protected by specific insurance from the rental and hospitality market. To this end, we made ​​the obtaining of license services and insurance budget. Fidelity gives the owner access to back-end operations in our management software. You as the owner will know when your home is rented, you can schedule personal bookings and more. In addition, monthly, provide a detailed financial report with statements of earnings and expenses in the month. Each year, the owner will receive a demonstration for income tax purposes. Procedures for Accession Fill in the form on this page. You will receive a formal management proposal from the house of our commercial department.

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